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5 Easy tips to get a Capricorn male to bed

The Capricorn man is the kind of phenomenon that causes women to faint and crawl in its feet. They are often of the successful type, with tons of money, big mansion and a few houses, great level in society and extremely respected. They have it all Ð stability, intellect and are not that bad in bed also. There are several aspects of a womanÕs character and looks which must be taken care of when her aim is to make a Capricorn male fall for her, even if it is for only one night. There should be mind games and there also should be cleverness. However, never expect from such a man to make the first move. They are just too serious to do it. Let you, as a woman, have the honour to be the first to strike.


What to Do Beforehand?


It is very important for you to understand the mind and ways of your man. If he was born under the sign of the Capricorn, he will most definitely be very subtle, modest, and serious and will prefer security over adventure. He is very manly and will love to have a naturally feminine woman by his side. To be able to actually seduce such a man, you should play a bit with yourself. Try putting on some sexy stockings that show just a little bit of lace underneath a steady, classic work suit in a traditional design. Play with your accessories Ð be creative, but not wild. Keep in mind that these men do not like females who are too open about their intentions. They prefer smart and ambitious ones, who know exactly what they want from life and it is success. Smiling at him or sending a faint glare while being too concentrated in your own work will do the trick to show him just how much you like him. It will also make him understand that you are a stable lady who knows how to be a real woman.


Why Is He Doing This?


So, you have made him like you, you maybe even kissed... So why is he acting so cold all of a sudden!? None of your previous men has done it? It is normal, if you havenÕt previously met with a Capricorn. They donÕt appreciate public displays of affection. They are too sophisticated and responsible to show their feelings in front of other people. It is also a trait of theirs to be too calm and cool. Yes, it might get on your nerves when you are trying to keep such a man, but it is also very important for you to understand that such behaviour is an expression of seriousness and reliability.

As the end of the day, what you have to know about the Capricorn man is that he doesnÕt like women who are too flirty, too open about their intentions and also too easy and/or cheap. They are very strong, manly personalities who want to have a real woman by their sides (once, twice, three times Ð a mother, a housewife and a wife). Even though they might seem too cold, they actually adore you. It is just their way of showing it to you.

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