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Best things to do when a Leo male is angry


Let’s go party


Let’s go party and enjoy the rest of the day is a saying from a Leo, the hopeless happy go lucky sign in the Zodiac belt. Happiness is the key to contentment for a strong willed Leo. Being a good talker, anyone can be swayed upon by a Leo if he has his heart and best interest on it. Because of their attractive and lovable nature anyone can be swayed along. Those are the positive attribute of a Leo; as long as the revicon is not crossed over with too much indulgence of laxity then no problem at hand.


Leo Out of Track

Unless you get the Leo out of track, when it is way out of the mark everything could all go off wrong. That is why it is not advisable to get a Leo from becoming upset or grouchy. There is always a danger sign in all Leo characteristic; the word saying – do not make me angry because you don’t like to see me angry.- it would be much better and appreciated when you call for a mad or about to be mad Leo for a party and have some fun. There is no better remedy for an angry Leo, than to have some fun outside away from the anger zone.


Making Amends to Leo

Making amends to an aggrieved Leo is a big no, no; the angrier they will become. If you think you are the cause of a Leo’s distress, it is much better if you distance yourself for a while, let the anger subside and cool down before you get to come and offer peace. Better yet, let someone do it for you. Ask him for a bar or a night, somewhere he could relax and enjoy himself. Eventually he will be the one to open the line of conversation and make full accounting of what irks him/her.


Let’s go party is a visible and vocal way to bring a Leo at a standstill, no matter how angry they have had been or they become. There is no other place to but to go out and relax, it will take their angry soul and bring about the child nature residing inside a tough form of the strong aggressive Lion. It is neither easy or hard to tame a Leo, it’s nature is head strong and willed but down to earth, that is why they love life and happiness; more than any sign present in the Zodiac belt.


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