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Cancer and their Personality and Physical Traits

People who have the Zodiac sign of Cancer are born June 21- July 22. How does the Zodiac sign Cancer and their personality and physical traits differ with other signs? A Cancer child is strong, feeling independent even at a young age. This is seen by the child being able to play alone for a long period of time. Doing so, he is able to create imaginative playmates which help him get entertained even just by playing alone. Colors and pictures fascinate a Cancer child, even adjusting well to different tastes of foods and drinks. Children born under the sign of Cancer wants affection where they need to be hugged and loved. Through this affection, they perform well because they feel encouraged. Cancer and their personality and physical traits would also include being changeable in moods and would withdraw whenever rejected. A Cancer baby has the characteristic of crying a lot which at times they would do to get what they want.

Would a Cancer and their personality and physical traits affect how they foresee life when they grow up? Despite a Cancerian having changing moods, the child born under this sign is a delight and are fascinating in their character, as can be reflected in their faces. Their creative minds are seen distinct in their character. A Cancer child longs for warmth and a lot of attention. The personality of a Cancer child is pleasing which makes the child easy to handle because he is well-mannered and disciplined. Would a Cancer and their personality and physical traits include a leader or a follower? The obvious answer to this is that a Cancer child thrives being a leader more than a follower.

Can a Cancer and their personality and physical traits also become a negative factor for the child? A Cancer child always needs reassurance because he may be fearful of a lot of things. With this character, a Cancerian may be overly sensitive and emotional to matters that are why a lot of support should be accorded to him. This support to give a Cancer child would strongly encourage him in pursuing interests in poetry, painting, music, acting and other forms of creative play. This assurance would give a Cancer child to believe in himself. However, parents of Cancer children should also practice firmness despite being assuring to him to stay away from spoiling the child.

Cancer children are also likely to be full of complains especially when not in the best state of health. Common ailments of those born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer involve the upper digestive tract – the stomach. This type of discomfort would irritate a Cancer child which he will be vocal to express about.

These traits and personality of a Cancerian are those that are clearly manifested in the child. It is always best to have a clear knowledge of how a child acts so that the appropriate reaction should be accorded to the child. This will best understand how the child is.


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