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Capricorn's 3 favourite colours

Capricorn is one of the most stable and down-to-earth signs of the Zodiac. They are often independent, strong willed, confident and calm. From them one can always expect hard work, responsibility and caution. They easily become the spine of the team and are great workers. One can always trust a true Capricorn to finish what they have initiated. However, even though they might seem as an impenetrable fortress of power and will, they also have a more gentle side. You can always judge for a sign by their favourite or lucky colour. For the Capricorn these colours are mainly dark ones, but do not be mistaken, dark does not necessarily mean depressed or enclosed. The three favourite colours of the Capricorn are brown, indigo and black.




Being found in the trees, the soil and even stones, brown is one of the most natural colours. It is a warm, neutral colour, being created by the combination of bright colours such as red, orange or pink and gray. The personality of people connected or represented by this colour might seem idle and too calm, but are actually great friends and employees. They are always doing things straightforwardly and with a steady pace, simply and are born healthier than others. When using brown, one must be careful to not overuse it, because although it is present all around the earth, it is a colour often related to the fall season, thus to the dead leaves and flowers. It goes well with red, yellow, purple, green, gray or orange-red.

An interesting fact about brown in Astronomy is that recently, astronomers have discovered the existence of formerly hypothetical objects called Brown Dwarfs.




Indigo is the colour associated with the Chakra of the Third Eye that can be found between the eyes. It is also related to intellect and psychic powers. As the colours of the deep night sky, Indigo can worsen a depression as well as provoke a mystical state of wisdom and thought. It is connected with self-control, spiritual power and introversion. It is quite the opposite of blue, which is associated with communication and socialization. Indigo’s power is to increase the power of mind and insight. It is also known to be the colour used by inventors to find that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that inspires them. If you use indigo around you, you force the appearance and/or amplification of: focusing on personal issues, understanding new points of view, developed intuition, inner communication. The personality of people connected or related to the colour indigo is open-minded, spiritually awaken and with their beliefs undependable of any religion or social circle. They have very developed intuition and often listen to it; however, this can also cause too much pain for them if they treat their instincts negatively. They are also innocent and often question their place in society with all its vices.




Black is the darkest of all. It can be called the ultimate darkness. Impenetrable by light, mysterious, powerful and respectful, it can also impress by sex-appeal, sophistication, seriousness and conventionalism. Black is the negation of all colours, just like white is the presence of them. It is conservative and goes well with almost any colour, except certain darker ones. It shrinks a room and makes a person slimmer, it can also express rebellion. In western countries it is the colour of mourning and in China – of little boys, with orange – of Halloween. For the Native Americans it is the colour of life, because of their soil and for others – it is death. Black is also the colour of Saturday.

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