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Colours to attract the Virgo man

Vision and images are a crucial part of our lives. It is no wonder that our eyes are said to be the window to our souls. They express our feelings, emotions and are as real as we are. Through them we can see and sense when others are not being sincere. Through our eyes we can see how beautiful the world is. Through their power and abilities we can understand the warmth of the colour red and the calmness of the green. Colours... they can show us so many things: passion, truth, innocence, spirit, happiness, hatred, angriness, wrath, sadness and so on. This is one of their most powerful and most important abilities. Because of our perception of colours through our eyes we can judge people even without knowing them and everyone knows how important a first impression can be. It is the same with the Virgo men. If you want to attract one of them, you should consider their opinion on how you look and their approval of certain items. As for the colours that attract the Virgo males...




Even if pink is often considered the colour of young and even little girls, it is also one of the very preferred colours by the man born under the sign of the Virgo. For him, it is the colour of calmness, relaxation, contentment, order and protection. By wearing this colour, especially the brighter and soften tones, you present yourself as a very subtle, calm and peaceful person. You are not threatening in any way and this is very treasured by the Virgo males since they tend to be easily frightened. Pink is a shade of red. It can easily be considered the softer shade of red. Both symbolize love, but in different ways. As red is deep, passionate love, pink is more of the cute, candy-like, romantic love.




Virgo men are traditionalists. They really love women in white and it is not valid only for the altar. When one of them sees a lady in white they are easily controlled by their feelings. It is easy to attract such a man when dressed in the most innocent colour. However, do not b fooled by the most popular perception of the colour, or more correctly Ð the presence of all colours. Although the vast public thinks of white as the colour of virginity, for the Virgos it probably is understood more like the colour of purity. See, they are real maniacs when it comes to cleanliness and bacteria, so it is much more likely that they like white because it is really clean. However, it is up to you if you would understand his love as a hail for your purity or as though they really treasure the newest white pearl in their jewellery collection.

As a lady, you should know that by dressing in white you cannot clear you name of your bad manners and crude attitude. No man will like you if you act too easy, open and/or seductive. A very important trait of every single woman is to show class and respect towards the other people. You should do this as well if you want to attract a real man, especially a Virgo. Virgo men are not Scorpios. They do not go mainly for the vision nor do they like to experience Òone-night-standsÓ. They are passionate, but only when they have had enough time to achieve a real connection with the woman they have chosen.

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