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Do Pisces Men make good Husbands?
- 7 unique traits about Pisces men's husbandry



Pisces Marriage


  2. Instinctively, Pisces men are quickly heading towards marriage. However, they do not know to choose their partners and generally they are turning to the right wife after several sentimental failures. However, all those painful wounds of love leave traces. They like to approach a woman complaining of their misery. Usually they succeed to impress only those women with pronounced maternal feelings. Therefore, Pisces are successfully among older women and there are a lot of such marriages between young Pisces and older women.


  4. Pisces are attracted by rational women especially if they have a dominating nature. Pisces husbands idealize their wives and happily close their eyes even for the worst behaviors. That is because the Pisces sees their beloved as a perfect woman who can not do anything wrong. Being attracted to change and turmoil, Pisces does not want anything more than emotional stability. The Pisces husband is a dreamer. His love must only be romantic, smooth, pink, lyrical and protective. For Pisces, sex is something intimate and personal. However, Pisces is no too faithful as is too temperamental and suggestible.


  6. If no other external stimuli are exercised, Pisces men are loyal to their partner, not necessarily because of virtue, but because they become easily addicted to their wives. Without a strong woman beside them, Pisces men can become vicious, give up fighting and even reach in the situation when complain about their fate makes them happy. However, Pisces are extremely lucky and they can succeed in everything.


  8. For the woman who became his wife and thus entered his world, life with a Pisces man is simple and easy because the husband is tolerant and sails with every shift of wind. The Pisces husband will think less to shine in society. In an environment where Pisces does not feel comfortable, they purely keep quiet or speak about the subjects they know very well.


  10. The Pisces husband is sentimental, sensitive and labile. From him his wife must expect anything because he is driven by contradictory impulses. If his wife can offer stability and comfort she is for sure to win his trust. As he is so easily influenced, the Pisces husband takes over otherÕs views and habits. If the wife is nice then the husband will be sympathetic.


  12. In a marital quarrel, the Pisces husband will instinctively choose the easy way. He lacks practical thinking, organizational skills and the dynamics of successful people. He is a good speaker but he found difficult to synthesize; therefore, he uses his ability just to avoid a clear exposure. Pisces is a contradictory man, who will decide on anything but will do exactly the opposite.


  14. As a husband, Pisces man may be idealistic, generous, charming, sacrificing himself for the family. At the limit, the Pisces man can give love up to that mystical communion between him and the woman he loves. His fervor might be a mystic song, a religious worship, one redeeming aspiration or an elevation to the sublime.



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