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Does Aries Libra make a good match?

Aries has a moving attitude towards friendship. This means, they usually go for a new group of friends without having any good reason to leave the existing group of friends. They are very good friends and their companionship will make you feel worm. You can call Aries any time you want to spend some time with you and they will make it exciting. But that will not be a regular thing. Aries like to move from one friend to another in very short time. On the other hand Libra is a very friendly sign. They have a charming and caring attitude towards relationship. They are always ready to take new friends, but never forgot to fulfill their duty to old friends.

So as it is seen that, Aries and Libra have totally opposite approach to relationship. And that makes them a perfect match for each other. They can be best friend as well as ideal life partner. Aries is demanding and active. They are always ready to try to do something new. But Libra is much more intellectual and gentle. They can teach their Aries partner to enjoy the artistic side of life where Aries can teach Libra to enjoy the excitement of life. Creative minded Libra can teach little rough minded Aries the beauty of life.

Planet Venus is the ruler of Libra and planet Mars is the ruler of Aries. Venus is the sign of beauty and Mars is the sign of passion. The combination of beauty and passion is perfect for each other as it is also the signs of female and male respectively. For the same reason Aries tends to be the leader of the relationship. But the charming attitude of Libra also influences the relationship in a great amount.

The opposite combination of Aries and Libra is perfect for each other. The opposite energies reach to a highest point when these two make a pair. Libra and Aries complete each otherÕs missing qualities of life, and that makes a perfect balance for both of them.






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