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Gemini Personality and Physical Traits

Those born on May 21 to June 20 are under the Zodiac sign of Gemini. What are the typical characteristics of these persons? Do Gemini and their personality and physical traits become the strong guide to living day to day? Do Gemini and their personality and physical traits reveal the real personality of who the person born under this sign is? The Gemini Zodiac is a double sign. There seems to be dual personalities inherent in persons born under this sign. The Geminean could be ambivalent in nature, possesses unexpected personality and have changing outlook in life. These characteristics make them acceptable to society. One quite negative characteristic of a Geminean is being annoying at times but these make them fun and not boring being in the company of people. The mind of a Geminean is hard to detect and persons may have a hard time to determine what he is thinking.

A Geminean could be passionate in their relationships. They are known to fall in love easily yet they have the characteristic to also walk out of a relationship suddenly. It is hard to detect or make speculations about the emotions and sexuality of a Geminean. As a partner, a Geminean is a liable partner as long as the affection for the partner exists. Otherwise, a Geminean may easily walk off. Having this kind of personality, can Gemini and their personality and physical traits ever be changed or get influenced otherwise? Can Gemini and their personality and physical traits prove the characteristics described?

Being unpredictable is a character of a Geminean. Do Gemini and their personality and physical traits make the person better if this being relied on? The Geminean is known to be an intellectual individual. They have a good grasp of matters although their approach to this could be superficial. The lifestyle of a Geminean is varied. They choose to live a colorful lifestyle because they do not like monotony. Their minds are active and alert. They have a versatile nature. Being sociable is a characteristic of a Geminean and they make friends easily.

A typical Geminean job involves a lot of communication skills and sociability. Best careers for them are those that involve a lot of communication such as in sales and politics. Geminean would make a good sales representative, journalist or a public officer. Jobs with a lot of intellectual stimulation interest the Geminean. They like to work under pressure with a lot of socialization. Having the assets of intelligence and intellect, the Geminean worker makes a good career in life. Because of this, they produce a lot of results or outputs at work. This is done as long as there is satisfaction in the kind of work they do.

Living a dual personality, the Geminean should be careful in balancing these personalities. That is why he has the gift of intellect so that he may be able to think first and not react impulsively to matters affecting him.



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