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How are scorpio females like in bed ?


Luscious and mysterious.

Luscious and mysterious are the common traits of a female Scorpio. Flirting is an art where it leaves them powerless to loud women. Scorpio females are born to flirt but restricted their abilities on a private manner. Flirting is highly regarded as an insult to an intelligent Scorpio, so is flattery and empty words. Being cool and sincere is what a feminine attribute of Scorpio women; and from that personality they tend to be luscious in bed. Desirable, succulent and so ripe when it comes to mating or making out, for they are devoted to the challenge of waiting, since they know when is the right time and they recognize when to strike.



Mostly, female Scorpio is aggressive in bed, getting their partners hot with a mere look and touch is their hidden treasure kept in their vanity chest. They can be daring, bold in every angle but not tamed. You can never tame a hot female Scorpio but can give them a short lived command. Too much of their talent and charms that they will be able to get what they want, that is why be careful on how you manipulate a female Scorpio. They are dominating in bed; strong and active, libido is higher than normal.


Casual Romance 

The female Scorpio has no difficulty in attracting the opposite sex, may it be a casual romance, friendship or a long term sexual partnership. The eyes, the prominent entry point of their charms that can capture men into bed. Where there is no saying no, their animalistic energy can lure any man to perdition; thus making them luscious and mysterious. Their sexual energy level is very explosive and so demanding when it comes to love making.


Luscious and mysterious when in bed, there is always a need in their eyes that men would want to satisfy the hunger in them. Mysterious in a way that they patiently wait for their turn to get satisfied, they posses the art of making men want them over and over again until they get their fair share. Mysterious, that opposite sex can be maligned in their addictive beauty, their sense of humor and intelligence. There is something so deep and sweet in a female Scorpio that would be dangerous in bed when not met. Sexual urges is very strong, active and prone to over indulge. Their fantasies are lived every moment that it would be hurting to deny them.



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