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How do you raise Capricorn Children
- 7 Dos and don'ts when it comes to Raising Children Capricorn


Capricorn Child


Capricorn child can be an enigma for his parents. He will look at his parents with his serious and wise eyes and you will make his parent feel like a child. Unlike the rebel nature of those born under the sign of Sagittarius, the second name of the Capricorn child is discipline. Thanks to their innate gift of order, they understand the need for discipline. Just like natives of the other two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, this tiny Capricorn creature needs full structures to root his life.
Being a parent for the child Capricorn is not easy and there are a lot of factors to consider:

1. Capricorn child is a paradox ... too mature for his age and especially able to put his parents in difficulty, and also any teacher, even one perfectly confident. The problem is that such a child knows how to show superiority over his teachers and colleagues. However, that doesnÕt make him too popular or beloved. Parents must encourage the children Capricorn to play with kids of their age and treat their partners fair.
2. This kid Capricorn loves to feel important at a young age, so the parents must not hesitate to set tasks and moderate their children tendencies to self-centeredness. They understand perfectly as they grow and greatly appreciate the rewards system. Good deeds should be rewarded, in their view, so the parents should give them evidences of love and trust to gain their confidence.
3. Capricorn child is very happy to live by certain rules. When the native begins to learn, by no means this child should be rushed. The parents must let him learn and discover all that is interested in his own time.
4. This Capricorn child will faithfully copy adultsÕ behavior, adopting their attitude and approach to life. The parents should strictly control their behavior and display only positive traits such as warmth, love, generosity and optimism. Near a native child, parents should not display a negative emotional state, nor lose their temper. ParentÕs mood and attitude can affect the child on a long term.
5. In Capricorn childÕs room, there will be a kind of organized disorder, disorder for others, but order for him. This is an environment-friendly characteristic of the native and his parents should not force him to change his living style. A parent should never tell "this could be betterÓ or Òyou are stupidÓ, because the child would feel offended. With a Capricorn child, parents should use kindness and tact, and involve the native into friendly discussions. Any advice should be accompanied by a smile of satisfaction.
6. Compared with other children, the Capricorn needs quiet and concentration in school. Generally, the Capricorn will shine in math, but not in the literal activities. The parents should encourage the native to group activities, to make him more sociable and reduce his premature seriousness.
7. The only thing you have to be more careful with Capricorn kids is their tendency to isolation and to pessimism. The parents should show their love for the native without hesitation.

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