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How to Dress for the Capricorn Male

Love is a thing that gives life to us, to our lives, to our children. Love makes us feel cherished and praised; love is a thing we all seek for in life. Although we know that it cannot be there every time we search for it, we try and try in a desperate attempt to reach it. Dates, relationships, even blind dates. These are all ways to get a grip on the one we desire. But even if we know who it is, how do we make them notice us? How can we be sure we havenÕt made the wrong choice even in the simplest things such as the way we dressed for our first date? What about the jewellery? What if we over do it and they get turned off because of too much accessories?! ItÕs not like it never happened, but how do we actually foresee the right way? There are several ways, but taking into account the fact that we have all the zodiac signs, it wonÕt be as hard as it seems.


If You Are Meeting with a Capricorn Male


You should be careful with what you dress. It is vital for his first impression to be positive and this can be achieved by not putting too much of anything. You should display modesty and class. You should let him know that you have substance and not only looks. Capricorns adore women who know what they want and who they are. You shouldnÕt put on clothes that reveal too much skin. The guy wonÕt like it at all. Capricorns are intelligent people and they expect the same from their loved ones. It is very important that you make them see you as a smart woman. Dress to impress, but never with nakedness. Be casual, classy and even formal. Middle or long skirts, dark or neutral colours Ð these are key factors for your looks when you meet a Capricorn male for the first few times.


After You Finally Made Him Like You


If you finally managed to make the Capricorn male like you, you should be able to already sense what he wants from you. However, it might get tricky. You shouldnÕt think he will be closed and careful all the time. As every human, they expect you to become gentler and not so severe after you are already in a relationship. You can now express your feminine parts while you are alone with him at home, in the bedroom. Dressing for your intimate time has almost nothing in common with dressing to impress him at first. DonÕt be shy to show your good sides off and give him a taste of what lies hidden behind all the intellect and class you previously expressed.

At the end it is important to know that the Capricorn male doesnÕt only look for your exterior. He likes to talk, to communicate with his girl. He is very smart and can discuss topics from sports to religion and philosophy. Have in mind that no matter how well you dress, what a high your level in society is, you should be able to show your point of view, explain it and even try to make him accept it in an argument.

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