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How to dress for the Pisces male

The Pisces male is a guy who is always happy to see you, as well as everybody else. He is very charming and easy-going. He knows exactly how to react and what to do in any situation. He is a dreamer, wonderer, has strong spiritual energy and a great bound with his inner eye. His insight is very developed and strong. This is why he can always tell you what you want to hear and make you feel better in a hard situation. The problem is that, although he is very attractive and appealing to the others, he rarely forms a strong connection with someone. This is exactly the main reason why you should be very careful what to do if you want to attract him. Be careful not to overdo the act if you donÕt wish to have him on your tail forever.


So What Can You Put On To Make Him Notice You?


The most important thing for you as a woman is to never lose your feminine side, your lady-ness. Whatever you do, you must stay on the girly side, even if he seems to be more sporty or hardcore. Try wearing gentle dresses with a tiny hint of skin or lace. Show him that you are open for him and then stop. Pisces are artists, they like to enjoy life and also to have some sort of an inspiration. You need to make this man crave you, to chase you. In order to achieve this, you shouldnÕt be around too much. Be mysterious. Put on baroques-like clothes and try to attract him by your creativeness. Or show him that youÕre stable with a simple black dress and cool accessories.


How to Not Scare Him?


It is very crucial for you to not scare the Pisces man. They are fragile and dependable on their own fantasies and inner world. You shouldnÕt change your appearance too severely and be too aggressive. Looking too easy or cheap might make him disgusted. Try not to act like you would to a Scorpio or another more fire-y sign. Pisces are gentle people and should be treated as such. Even if they sometimes tend to be very promiscuous, you shouldnÕt look too much like a call-girl. Just a tiny dirty look after you have already make contact will be enough for as long as you donÕt already have him in your pocket.

So, the main way to catch a fish in your net is to put on a nice bait by showing them some colour, feathery character and a bit of the edge of the hook. Then, they will come to you. Just stay calm in the water and float, not chasing them. Leave the fish come to you.



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