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Ideal Careers for a Scorpio
- A list of 10 suggested careers for a Scorpio to consider


Scorpio Suggested Careers


The Scorpio succeeds in everything and impresses the others with his mental strength. When it comes to his career, the native is very determined, combining firmness with creativity. At work he is dedicated, paying more attention to his profession rather than his personal life. The native will get involved in areas where he can help the others, because he is attracted by people's problems. Still, he is a go-getter, making every effort to achieve his goals. The Scorpio doesnÕt necessarily want to stand out, sometimes prefer to work behind the scenes. The native might become prosperous through career choice or can become the best in his business.


Here are the suggested careers for Scorpios:
1. Cops, detectives, - the natives are very intuitive. They have a real cult for the mystery and are good to discover secrets. Good psychologists, with a fine knowledge of human nature, the natives are even more inclined to highlight othersÕ defects and have little understanding for human weakness. Death does not scare then because they want to investigate it.
2. Politicians Ð no matter their career, Scorpios may be attracted to politics where they proved to be particularly skilful. They have a lot of patience, stubbornly pursuing their purposes and not betraying their true interests. They have the ability to manipulate people. Sometimes the natives can be unscrupulous on their path to success. One thing is certain: they always succeed.
3. Prosecutors, judges - the most appropriate professions are those who have contact with the secrets, or the hidden aspects of life.
4. Divers, archaeologists - Scorpio is known for his unwavering tenacity, stunning tenacity and incredible inner strength. He can withstand the toughest work conditions workstations. He is very aware that you can get nowhere without compromises, therefore he sometimes accepts very harsh working conditions.

5. Journalists, investigators - In terms of career, Scorpio is a feared opponent because he knows how to play his cards in order to reach his goal. Has an extraordinary talent to understand the human nature and never hesitate to find their weak points.
6. Psychoanalysts, astrologers Ð the Scorpios are attracted to the occult, the science of the initiates that can access the secrets of life. They have revelations beyond this world, acquired through meditation, readings or metaphysical experiences.
7. Physicians, surgeons, pharmacists Ð the natives keep their cold blood in any circumstance. This should not be taken as indifference. On the contrary, they can effectively provide support by keep their calm.
8. Managers, businessmen Ð energetic, the native always know what he wants. The native can pursue his plan without blinking. He knows how to point out something important, and when it comes to business, goes directly to the target. Failure is not a word in his vocabulary.

9. Researchers, physicists, chemists, engineers Ð the natives have excellent qualities in scientifically fields, because they can be very attentive to details. They are thorough, very intelligent and like to investigate.
10. Sexologists Ð the Scorpios know how to live their lives and therefore expect anything from it.

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