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Leo and Scorpio get along

Leo is a sign of leadership. They are generous and have strong intuition. They have magnetic personality and can easily convince people. They are also very energetic and can transfer their spirit to the followers. And Leo is a great friend. Scorpio is also an energetic sign. They have strong feeling and can reach into a deep level into someone's mind. They are very passionate in relationship.

The relation between Leo and Scorpio can turn to be great. Their union may be dynamic with perfect harmony. Scorpio always needs to be in the leading position in a relation and expect respect from the partner. Leo want adore and constant take care from the partner. A constant demand for compliment is a common nature for Leo. Leo requires luxury where Scorpio is capable of providing appropriate support for this. They are loyal and have respect for each otherÕs personality. Both of them are energetic and determined to reach success, so they understand and respect each other. They value their partnerÕs opinion and try to avoid. The compromising and understanding nature of Leo can save the relationship from any mass created by short tempered Scorpio. Also the convincing power of Leo can calm down aggressive Scorpio.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars is the God of war and gives Scorpio doted energy and courage. Pluto provides inner quality to Scorpio. Scorpio has a power to understand people easily. Both these planets make Scorpio brave but deep emotional attached. On the other hand Leo is run under the influence of Sun, which stands for warmth and brightness. So Leo and Scorpio bring together a great combination. The elements are fire and water for Leo and Scorpio respectively. So as they are perfect for each other, they may cancel each other as well.

There might be a conflict between Leo and Scorpio relationship. Both of them have a leading tendency and want to make decision, which may leads to an unpleasant condition to the relation. So to have a perfect relation, they need to learn to respect and value other's opinion and put away own ego.

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