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Top 10 Best careers for Leo




All Leo natives are very conscientious and hardworking persons with great professional ambitions and they are very proud of their professional status. Public recognition and reputation are very important to them, so they are very careful to keep their control in order to have the best public image. The best idea would be to run their own business, but if not possible, it's good for them to have a leadership role, in fact Ð to control the others. Leo is not working effectively when part of a group; he needs individuality and authority, he MUST be above all.


Suggested Suitable Careers


Here are some of the suitable careers for the Leo natives:



  2. Teacher, tutor, trainer (working with children) Ð LeoÕs teaching talent is exceptional! The native is attracted by people, because they need him to guide them and monitor their progress.


  4. Actor, model, any creative (art) work Ð The native shines through his elegant manners. He is smart, has a wit sense of humor and knows how to capture otherÕs attention. He likes to stand out, highlighting his special qualities.


  6. Optician, solicitor, doctor Ð Leo is inclined towards intellectual activities rather than to physical ones. When he sets a goal, nothing can stand in his way. Leo natives have many skills, attitude and character that would be best used in medical activities.


  8. Inventor Ð the Leo is a noble character that stands out by his actions and aspirations. HeÕs ambitious aims are concerned about the destiny of mankind that he want to lead to progress.


  10. Sports Ð Very confident in own abilities and perseverance, Leo never abdicates and understands any situation. He never believes that Òeverything is lostÓ as long as he has the energy to fight "like a lion"


  12. Treasurer Ð Leo is honest, correct and put the wall on those who do not meet his moral principles. The native would never cheat on you as heÕs very strict when it comes to money or taxes.


  14. Jeweler, fashion designer, architect, organizer (of shows) Ð as a lover of luxury, Leo is attracted to everything that is beautiful: fashion,interior design, jewelry and jewelry business. Leo organizes, directs, makes surveys, trains the others, disciplines and gives orders, being perfectly aware of his professional responsibility and asking the others to provide quality work.


  16. Travel agent Ð Leo loves to travel and is very good in planning othersÕ holidays or travels.


  18. Politician, ambassador, president Ð the Leo native loves to shine and he has the force to attract otherÕs attention. He is blazing positive energy and optimism. The masses are naturally following his, recognizing him as their leader.


  20. Manager or any management function Ð Ambitious, authoritative, good leader, creative, generous and optimistic, the Leo readily attracts all the desired opportunities. He is comfortable especially when he is in a leadership position and is the decisional factor. Therefore we can find the native on the board of important companies.

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