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What does a Sagittarius man looks for in a woman

Sagittarius is a cheerful sign. They can find maximum joy out of life and they are also great worker. They can find happiness from almost everything and so is in their job. So they can complete more work than other signs in time.

The playful Sagittarius wants to make a relation perfect. So they want to arrange everything properly from the beginning. They usually build a deep friendship first and then go for more serious activities. ThatÕs why they are a great friend even if you are in a relationship with them. So in case of relationship, Sagittarius men try to find a woman who can be a good friend of him. They also want a lot of privacy and freedom in a relation. So when Sagittarius men look for a partner, they want to know if she will value the freedom. Sagittarius has philosophical vision about relationship. They have vivid imagination about romance and relation. So they expect their partner to support such imagination and participate.

Sagittarius male expect their female company to be bright and cheering. The men want the female to enjoy every single drop of life as they do. Such a girl will catch eye of a Sagittarius man easily. They want their female to have a positive attitude towards life and have great personality. Sagittarius likes to have fun. For example they like to make practical jokes. So they expect their company to have such sense of humor or at least appreciate it. Sagittarius men want their female to be energetic, enthusiastic and always ready for an adventure. Also they like the women who give them a lot of space in life.

Sagittarius men do not like a depressed woman with negative attitude. And they do not like someone who tries to put a restriction on the movement on Sagittarius men.

So a Sagittarius man likes a cheerful, positive, energetic and adventurous woman to be his partner.

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