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What does it mean when a Taurus man talks sexy ?

"Love me baby"

It is not always that a Taurus male is open and verbatim on feelings or sexual desires, they are lovable in nature. Though Taurus male are the aggressive lover, they can't seems to wait to express their emotional and mental state when it comes to love and loving. No time to waste, the express it the way they want it done. Love me baby is the romantic side which is often left on their instep, they take action and no command can make them budge. Taurus male are also in favor of a long term relationship, Taurus keep the fire burning that a relationship to last a lifetime. That is their emotional goal and achievement to date.

Romantic Taurus ?

It is not easy for a Taurus born to be to be as romantic like imposing love me baby, they may always give a room to fight for their affection but not to the extent that they would bend to romance and romantic overtures. But take note, when a Taurus male starts to talk sexy, it is a sign that he is madly fallen into the trap of love. They can be self centered at that, if they want something they will do anything even beyond their powers just to get what they want. Those are the spirit of a Taurus born male.

Love me baby is a romantic command, there is no saying no when they are into it for fighting for what they think they want makes them annoying sometimes. That is because of their extremely outgoing personality, loving every attention is an ego factor that they only choose to be overly romantic to someone really special in their heartÕs eye. The Taurus male are known to be a good kisser and will make you swoon in front of them to be kissed. It is their winning points and I bet you would love it too, to have a man of still but childish in nature.

Stubborn in Nature

They can be stubborn in nature but a loving persons, beware of the sign when they tend to get lazy. Love me baby is one of it, when they become romantic and just want to laze around you. They are so territorial, that is very dangerous to give them room to get jealous, a blind fight would be establish if they feel and think their territory is being shaken. The tramps are considered an aggressive, fighter and so is an aggressive lover to the end.

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