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What kind of jobs should a Cancer woman go for?
- And what kinds to stay away from


Cancer Women Career


The Cancer women works hard and with dedication, preoccupied with her career. She may have many ups and downs in her career, with countless changes of direction. She is somewhat sensitive to changes in career, because she is a woman who likes to stay on stable grounds. She might reach a peak in her career only in her county or hometown. Sometimes, she may have to make to choose between family and work, giving priority to her family. She hopes much from her career, but might not have the necessary qualities to rise very high. In order to achieve professionally success, she needs to set an ideal and strive to fulfill it, even if it involves a higher note of idealism and self-delusion.


Prefered Jobs


The best jobs for a Cancer woman are:


  2. Cook, confectioner, waiter, catering employee - the Cancer native is endowed with a lot of talents related to harmonization and family. Therefore, the Cancer woman is perfect for jobs in the culinary field.


  4. Musician, dancer, painter, actor, writer -although they are shy, they love advertising and they want to be the center of attention. Many women of this sign are holding a very special artistic talent and might be successful in acting or poetry.


  6. Small town mayor, clerk in the local government Ð having a special sense in understanding the needs of society, Cancer woman may have a career in fields related to public relations, so in direct contact with people.


  8. Anthropologist, archaeologist, and historian Ð these jobs are very suitable as they allow her to investigate the past. Cancer woman is deeply attached to the past.


  10. Gynecologist, oncologist, pharmacist, nutritionist - thanks to their connection with family and working in such areas, would bringing her professional fulfillments.


  12. Politician Ð the Cancer woman has the great gift of diplomacy, which makes her a very valued person in political environment and she can be successful leader. Moreover, thanks to her intelligence and intuition she wonÕt be fooled by appearances and "read" people's true character.


  14. Business with kindergartens, nurseries - Cancer is a sign of stability and family, which means that the native can succeed in anything that is related with children.


  16. Decorator, clothes designer, toys designer - sensitive, attentive and creative, the Cancer woman does not like to have a fixed schedule but may sometimes have several jobs or have several businesses working at home.


  18. Babysitter, teacher, tutor, trainer Ð the Cancer woman is a gifted parent or teacher as she knows how to approach the children.


  20. Owners of restaurants, distilleries or real estate business Ð though shy, the Cancer woman has a sense of ÒfeelingÓ the opportunities. She shows great prudence when she needs to take serious decisions. Being very lucid, she analyzes the situation and never takes unnecessary risks.

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