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What should you do when a Capricorn male is interested.
- Should you play hard to get or play interested?

The Capricorn is the kind of man that needs to have the initiative in a relationship. It is important, however, to give him a subtle sense of what you want. Actually, the Capricorn man or do not like the independent type of women. Being more of a traditionalist, he believes that the world should be led only by men and the women should be, above all, a wife and a mother. For the Capricorn native, love is as important as eating and sleeping.


Capricorn Impressed


The Capricorns are always easily impressed by the opposite sex. As they are rather shy, some of them would try to overcome their emotional state with obscene allusions and insinuations with erotic implications. Those will seem without any scruples or sensitivity. However, this is just their way of trying to be "boys", a typical method to hide their embarrassment and curiosity, caused by their burning passions. The Capricorn man needs attention, tenderness, affection and can not bear to be rejected or abandoned. It is important to make him feel admired, appreciated, respected and desired. A perfect partner would not be churl with compliments and would let him understand that she needs him.


Capricorn Native 


The Capricorn native likes proud women who like to dress elegant and stylish. The native would appreciate the quality of the clothes but also the accessories and the value of the jewels. The perfect partner will learn to behave flawlessly in society because the Capricorn man is definitely aiming a good place on the social ladder. The nativeÕs wife is important to show him that she ready to assist him in his projects even only on moral level, if not with money or relationships.

The native is practical, determined and ambitious. A failure doesnÕt dismay him and he is always ready to start from the beginning. He is essentially a man of passions. He likes compliments as they are the only way to win a Capricorn nativeÕs heart. In a romantic relationship he asks for more than any other signs and gives very little. He doesnÕt strive to please or to be charming; these things do not matter for him to be successful in love.


Conservative Style 


His conservative style and some specific stiffness will prevent the Capricorn from being a master in flirting. However, some little jokes and his specific pricking style will make the Capricorn incredibly attractive. The native feels attracted by the younger women and his passionate nature wouldnÕt accept a refusal. He will show understanding only if the woman presents serious reasons for rejecting him. Please note that the reasons must be genuine, because his instinct allows him to read between the lines. You never know what is going on in his mind, because his face is imperturbable but most of the times, under this mask is hiding a secret passion.


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