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What sign goes best with Aquarius

Aquarius men and women are very social and entertaining. They love to hang around with friends and are very popular in their social circle. They are not good at handling emotional pressure and find it difficult to express them as well. Other people think they are very cold but in reality they are not good at handling emotions at all. They find it really tough to let others penetrate to their inside world. They love to seek power, fame and attention.

If you want to know what sign goes best Aquarius then you can check it out over the internet where you would get the information in much detail. However in this article you can get a little content regarding what sign goes best with Aquarius.

The sign which seems to go perfect with them can be Libra. The power of union between the two stars can be very strong. If Aquarius men and women don't hold onto their Libra partners too strongly then they would be able to keep the knot for years or maybe forever.

It has been noted that Virgos and Aquarius are not able to go well with each other. You should stay away from making a couple with Virgo if you are an Aquarius. If not then communication would be difficult and both of the couples would not be able to understand each other at all. Both of them would want to dominate each other and would keep on struggling hard. Other incompatible signs for this star can be Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Aries is another sign which is very compatible with Aquarius. It can be a profitable partnership as when these two minds are put together they can come up with spectacular things. Both of the signs compliment each other in a great way. If men and women from this star sign try a little they would be able to turn their relationship into a special one.

Other compatible signs with Aquarius can be acquires, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Gemini and Aquarius blends well since their nature would be suitable for each other. The surprising nature of Aquarius would work nicely with the Gemini star. Since the Gemini's are very changeable they get easily influenced by the dominating personality of Aquarius. They both are not very jealous and love to go out and meet new people and old friends. Their relationship can also work very well. They can prove to be the best of friends or the most perfect married couple.

Sagittarius and Aquarius also blends well because both of them are very innovative. The visionary Sagittarius falls for the inventive Aquarius. Thus there is a great possibility of having a successful relationship. They have not got jealousy in their nature and love to be the centre of attention. Their social nature makes them very much alike besides other similarities. Both of them know when to tell the other partner about their freedom so this means they know how to handle each other.


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