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What to do with a Capricorn Male in Bed


Self assured and catty


Self assured and catty are most common traits a Capricorn male don't want in a woman or a female partner. Being so self assured makes a Capricorn male think s of you as domineering; they don't want it because they are the type of male who looks as controlled as a guy can ever be. They are so good in keeping a secret, mostly their own little secret. Their mouths are sealed with an iron lock and zipped to the core. If you hear them say something like they won't reveal it to anyone, trust in your life they won't. But I didn't say it won't be open like a book? Even without him telling you or anyone about a top secret a male Capricorn is hiding, the starts are all shining bright to tell you the full story.


Self assured and being catty is also a fact to be looked into, being too catty will pull the stop string. Capricorn men are too accommodating but not willing to trade and give up his right for some favors. So, having a catty attitude for women is a no, no for an alpha Capricorn male attitude. When hunger strikes him, a partner should know what it means. If you are in a relationship, hunger calls for sex and a catty attitude would do no good. Being self assured at that point will lead you a long way.


Being self assured as a woman for a Capricorn man is never a good idea, unless you want your man to spring into action to get him to accomplish something. Don't dare the daredevil if you don't want to get caught up in a tight rope balancing. But if you need to see more action than words go for the gold and be self assured any woman can be. From dressing down to talking, give your man the hot shots.


Being catty irritates men, any men, but mostly the Capricorn men. Catty women always get into their nerves, most likely if they have secrets in their closets. Being nosy is one of the most hated attitude for a Capricorn male. It always gives them the feeling of getting into a lot of cover ups, every time a nosy female gets into the picture. Trust is violated easily when it comes to catty women. Don't be too self assured to get into a male Capricorn and don't be catty to get a chance to be with them.

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