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What to wear for an Aquarius male in bed


Silky and Mysterious


Silky and mysterious clothes for the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, the water bearer Aquarius called the GU LA, the great one; also known as the Kumbha, the water pitcher that is said to have a dual personality on them. The Aquarius male likes to talk much, sometimes offending but they never intends to upset anyone. They are simply communicative that it brash others. One sign of an Aquarian male and with that, they can be anything and wear anything. From signature shoes down to a barefooted instep, Aquarian males don't give much thought on looks or appearances, they simply live and silently to oppose other people's view and opinion.


The most common trait you can see and expect from an Aquarian male is doing the unexpected. Refuting what others think as true, good, beautiful and cool; makes them do the other way around. Sometimes to the extreme that they forget to appreciate what is good and beautiful. Aquarian males do not openly say an appreciation; they hit the mark on what is not there. When it comes to dressing, the love silky and mysterious clothes but they would never say it in the open. What is hidden is desirable to their eyes. Revealing clothes does not entice an Aquarian male; there must be a touch of mystery on the partner to boost the libido.


Touch of Intelligence

There must be a touch of intelligence on the way a woman should dress up, in or out of the bed chamber of an Aquarian male. Make him cultivate his mind as he always does, give room for scrutiny when it comes to clothes. Color must be water related or something cool to the eyes but mysterious. Just be keen on how to become too friendly, you might lose the chance of a romantic escapade. An Aquarian male is quick in making friends and likewise so fast in making everyone feel very special. To get them down; always be a mystery to Aquarian male, use silky clothes, inviting style and color but not revealing.


Suggestive Clothes

Suggestive clothes will work fine but make sure you don't reveal too much; don't make him feel that there is no more room to see. Let him have the impression that there is always more to see. Some room for question, and more room for answers on his heads. That is how an Aquarian male thinks and work things out from clothes to personality; that's why silky and mysterious clothes are all you need.



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