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What to wear for the Aries man

The Aries man can be a tricky one to seduce, but impossible is nothing when it comes to femininity and lust. The males who were born under the star sign of the Ram are represented by Fire. Hence, they are masculine and like to be Ôon topÕ. Their ladies have to be very gentle and sexy, to own a lot of female sexiness and physical attractiveness. However, these men also like their woman to be responsible and an Ôall-rounderÕ Ð to be able to take on the house chores, to take care of the family when needed and to have some self-respect and career. The Aries man likes females who are able to be original, fashionable, sexy, gentle, but also responsible, organized and stable.


Red like the Fire


It is a known fact that the sign of Fire Aries is easily attracted by the colour of Fire Ð Red. Passion, seduction, sex-appeal, heat, joy, celebration... The actual physical effect of the colour is also studied by professionals, specialists in biology and their studies show that it can increase the heart rate and blood pressure in oneÕs system.By wearing this colour you provoke the other person. You leave the impression of a woman who is dynamic, bold and serious in her intentions. You provide the manÕs lusty appetite with a candy.

However, it is also very important that you donÕt overdo it. Aries is an energetic sign. They like to have adventures and often changes in the ambience. If you are dating him, meeting more than once, do not always depend on red. Try to use more colour, but keep them vibrant and bold. By providing the Aries with diversity and variety, you keep their attention for longer and also, they get even more entangled in your web


Be Seductive


Another good advice for a woman who is trying to attract an Aries man is to be gentle in her attempts and to leave some things to the imagination. It is very crucial that the woman doesnÕt look cheap. Aries like to play so it is vital that you leave them have the chance to. When you dress you should do it normally, even classy and formal. To make the Aries man interested in you when dressed like this you should just leave some hints: naked shoulders, a bit of lace showing from under the collar, sexy stockings. Tease him, but do not be too inquisitive.

As a conclusion we must add that even though the Aries man is quite a handful, he is not impossible to be seduced. The important thing is to keep your calm and play with him by letting them have fun and changing constantly, by expressing your playful and, at the same time, serious attitude towards him and everything else around you.

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