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Best ways to tell if a Virgo man is interested


Virgo's Interest and Attention

It is very easy to spot a Virgo man, when it comes to interest and attention, when it becomes very obvious and so way out of their very nature; like being vocal about a feeling towards the opposite sex. Virgo born, male or female has this secretive nature in them. Keeping everyone at bay, even their emotional quest is kept a secret, unless they can't hide from it anymore. That is one way of telling they are interested. Virgo males always have this wanting of having the last words but not caring much to do it or have it. When they are on the extreme side of it; it's either they talk or say nothing at all.



Virgo's Emotional Balance and Personal Stability

Virgo born is very nosey but too secretive when it comes to self emotional balance and personal stability. It is always the best part of being self assured, it is only on some rare occasions that Virgo male and female show sign of weakness. They are not pretending to be strong but it is their nature to walk up front like no remorse on their system. They appear strong for others to lean on them because it is their nature. The probability of getting caught off guard when they are on their weakest is not always easy to find.



Virgo's True Feelings

Sometimes in their relentless effort to hide their true feeling people get agitated and they hurt easily too, respectful being but easily lost interest when something bad come up front. Hard to forgive and don't forget easily. A Virgo male stick to one woman, if a little spark is ignited it will blossom and flourish and Virgo male will not let it dry or die down on the kitchen blue. A polished secretive Virgo will come out of its shell when interested. Finding a way to get what he needs and want will be his torch that would lead others to see him on the dark.


Catching up with a Virgo male emotion is easier to spot than the female Virgo who will fight toe and nail to keep up with their emotional security and privacy. It takes a lot of coaching for a female Virgo to come out in the open. They maybe nosey and catty to others, but keeping a real tight guard on their defenses is what they are good at.



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