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who invented the Chinese zodiac signs

The story of Chinese zodiac signs goes back 3000 years when the Chinese took the initiative and came up with the signs which were too complicated to understand. Later on these signs were made easier so that everyone can memorize them and relate to it easily. People started using animals to get familiar with the signs. The calendar starts from mouse and ends at pig.

Chinese believes very strongly that the birth times play a vital role in determining the personality of a person. There is also a legend that during the celebration of Chinese New Year, Buddha called upon all the animals to him but only those 12 appeared which has become part of the Chinese calendar system. That is the reason why each year has been given a name according to those 12 animals. But there are some other believes as well as to how these signs came into existence. This cycles starts again after the 12th year. People born in the respected years get the zodiac sing of those animals and they also get the characteristics and traits of those people.

Chinese zodiac signs are different from the Western zodiac sings. There are 12 Chinese signs but there are 14 signs according to the western calendar. It really becomes very much entertaining to know which star sign you are according to Chinese. There are different animals like rooster, snake, dog, pig, monkey, ox, dragon etc. People with different signs have got different personalities and if you know the sign of your mate you can judge a lot of things about them.

In Chinese religion and culture these zodiac sings are very important and it is essential for all of them to know their animal signs they have got. It has also been stated that Chinese do not continue to take big steps in their life unless they have consulted with the zodiac signs. Some of them think it is just a superstition believe but then there are people who strongly think these sings tell a lot about someone.

If you are interested in knowing about your zodiac animal according to the Chinese calendar then you should log onto the internet and look for such websites. There are many websites where you just have to enter the birth year and you would be given the zodiac sign which have been assigned to that year. The signs are not the same as the solar lunar calendar.

These zodiac signs have become very popular around the world and even the neighboring countries of China strongly believe in these signs. These people have got utmost believe in these signs and they think it is very important to know the sign as they tell a lot about other person which can be friends, partners, or business partners.

You should also take a look at these signs because they seem to be very interesting. Even though if you are not really a believer reading about them would really amaze you.

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